How to convert your RSS feed to a newsletter

About This Feature
The RSS-to-Newsletter feature allows you to automatically (and magically) convert any RSS XML Feed into newsletter content and send it out at a predetermined interval . This means you create content once and can distribute it via multiple channels automatically. Once you've correctly created an RSS-feed newsletter, our system will intelligently deploy your newsletter daily, weekly, or monthly as directed by you. The RSS feed-to-newsletter is simple to set up, deploy and track. New content from your RSS feed will be merged into the template you built and sent to your selected subscriber groups.

How it Works
When you set up a newsletter with the RSS-feed, MNB will automatically grab content from the source of your RSS URL, plug it into your template, and send it out at the interval you specified (daily, weekly, etc). The first time your newsletter sends, MNB will grab content from as far back as your preset interval. If you set the interval at one month, we'll grab all content from the last month and plug it into your newsletter then send it. For subsequent sends, we retrieve content in the same fashion, but we also tag items that have already been used to avoid duplication. If there is no new content, MNB will not send any newsletters. MNB obtains content and sends all RSS-feed newsletters at 12 noon EST on the scheduled date(s). Any posts added to your RSS XML feed prior to noon will be included in the newsletter. Posts made after noon will be added to the next scheduled send. After the sending begins, you can view reports from sent newsletters and check the sending status in your newsletter drafts folder, just like other newsletters.

[+] Step 1. Create your RSS-feed newsletter template via Genie
[+] Step 2. Designing your layout and theme
[+] Step 3. Schedule & test the RSS-feed newsletter
[+] Cancelling the RSS-feed newsletter
[+] Making changes to RSS feed newsletters

Please note: this feature only works with newsletters created in the Genie template editor.

You can see a copy of that newsletter in your sent section on the newsletters page or check out the opens and clicks from the reports page.

Best Uses
If you have a blog and wish to capture more than one channel of communications (marketing, sales, etc) then you also likely only want to input your content once and distribute it magically. MNB's RSS to Newsletter feature achieves just that. When you pair this utility with our sign-up form on your blog, you get to focus on content generation and let our systems do the rest.